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Being a social family and running toward the new 20-year period.

Gyeongbuk Women’s Policy Development Institute (GWPDI) has started our new journey for a gender equal Gyeongbuk with a balanced work-life-rest.

GWPDI has onducted research on policies for women and created jobs for them. We moved our office building to Gyeongbuk Women & Family Plaza on May 28th, 2020.

GWPDI thanks Gyeongsangbuk-do for their consideration in letting us having our own working place at the Gyeongbuk Women & Family Plaza.

Working in three different offices (main office in Gyeongsan, Women Job Academy in Yeongcheon, and Gyeongsangbuk-do in Andong) is now part of our memories.

GWPDI will actively conduct various projects in the countryside and research for the disadvantaged.

GWPDI, a women-family policy platform, is strengthening the beginning part of the next 20 years (2018~2038). The Gyeongbuk Women & Family Plaza has a computer workspace, cooking room, maker space-W, woodworking room, auditorium, and multipurpose hall. GWPDI creates various contents to raise the happiness index of Gyeongbuk and tries to become the birthplace of training women experts.

The size of Gyeongbuk is one-fifth of Korea. The number of female farmers in Gyeongbuk is 188,127 (the highest numbers among the 6 metropolitan provinces in Korea). Gyeongbuk is surrounded by agricultural and fishing villages and has its wonderful nature and traditional culture resources. With these wonderful resources of Gyeongbuk, GWPDI will be a “social mother” for 1020 generations to 7080 generations and their happier lives. We will make successful farming programs and try to conserve the story of female divers for the millennials and generation Z.

GWPDI will play critical roles in realizing gender equality and balance of work-life-rest in our daily lives in the Gyeongbuk areas.

The 11th President
Mi-Hwa Choi