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This is Mi-Hwa Choi,
the 10th president of Gyeongbuk Women's Policy Development Institute (GWPDI).

It's been a year since I became the president of GWPDI on April 14th, 2017.
GWPDI was established on December 1st 1997 as the first local women's policy development institute and reached "its 20-year milestone" last year.

GWPDI will continuously strive to support the development of women in Gyeongbuk by developing internal competence and creating a communicative and cooperative organizational culture.
For the last 20 years, GWPDI has built archives on women and family policy in Gyeongbuk.
Based on its experience and performance, GWPDI conducts research and job-related projects to bring about changes and development of Gyeongbuk's women.
As a research think-tank leading to the development of Gyeongbuk's policies for women and family, GWPDI will disseminate research results to every corner of Gyeongbuk.

GWPDI conducts various types of research on gender equality, discusses the low childbirth rate, and formulates long-term parental development plans; in the future we will operate a forum to talk about ways to attract young adult women to Gyeongbuk.

GWPDI is also conducting research on women's jobs to help adapt to the Fourth industrial revolution, researches on women-friendly cities in Gyeongsan, Gumi, Pohang, and Chilgok, research on the life histories of elite Gyeongbuk women who have achieved great things and devoted themselves to the community and the country, and research on 100 mothers who have devoted themselves to their families.

Although the safety index of Gyeongbuk is quite high, GWPDI conducts research on gender violence because the importance of solutions to gender violence can never be emphasized enough.

In addition, we are finding ways to prevent province extinction and to embrace multicultural women.

GWPDI will seek new challenges over the next 20 years.
I like the word, 'start'. Because to start something new is thrilling and also exciting.

From this beginning of a new 20-year period, GWPDI will continuously strive to expand women-friendly policies and to prevent sexual violence, and to find ways to resolve the extremely low birthrate in the Gyeongbuk areas.
Leaves of trees will grow into fresh leaves and into fallen leaves as times goes by.
I would like to tell all women in Gyeongbuk, who fulfill their duties constantly, "GWPDI is rooting for you"